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PROV standards project

During 2010-2011, the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) introduced a range of new records mangement standards. As a government agency, Monash University must work towards compliance with this new set of standards and Records and Archives Services (RAS) have been mandated to assist the wider university in achieving compliance.

The following is a broad summary of the seven standards with which Monash University must comply.

1. Capture

This standard applies to the creation and capture of all public records into recordkeeping systems, regardless of format or media. The creation and capture of records that are authentic, reliable, usable and have integrity, enables the records to retain their value as evidence; such records assist organisations to demonstrate good governance and enhance the reputation of organisations through transparent and accountable dealings. [1]

2. Control

This standard applies to recordkeeping controls regarding: metadata, classification and the tracking of actions for all the organisation's records, regardless of format or media. [2]

3. Storage

This standard applies to the storage of all organisational records, regardless of format or location. It includes the storage of physical records, electronic records and physical devices and hardware used to store electronic records. [3]

4. Access

Adopting the principles in this standard will ensure that access to records and the use of records is considered as part of an organisation's policies. In addition, it ensures access restrictions to records are based on legislation, policy, sound documented criteria and can be justified. The standard also ensures that the integrity of records is protected through the use of appropriate and relevant security measures. [4]

5. Disposal

Disposal is defined as 'the range of processes associated with implementing records retention, deletion, destruction or transfer decisions which are documented in disposition authorities or other instruments.' [5] The lawful disposal of records is an essential and critical component of any records management program. The implementation of this standard will benefit the organisation by enabling the disposal of records to be carried out lawfully yet efficiently, and ensuring the retention of those records of importance to the State in perpetuity. [6]

6. Operations management

This standard concerns the day to day running of records management systems, practices and processes across an organisation. Adopting the principles in the standard will ensure that:

  • appropriate recordkeeping procedures are in place and up-to-date
  • recordkeeping systems are effectively managed over their life
  • training and awareness activities are effective and meet the organisation's needs
  • compliance with recordkeeping requirements is audited and gaps identified
  • recordkeeping practices are continuously improved, and
  • record custodianship is transferred between organisations when required. [7]

7. Strategic management

This standard is concerned with strategic management of public records which consists of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Incorporating records management strategies into whole of organisation plans and integrating them into other core management stategies, policies and major projects will assist organisations to achieve their objectives. To be effective, strategies must address responsibilities, requirements and risks, and prompt the executive to proactively evaluate its recordkeeping strategies and address issues of non-compliance. [8]

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