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Records Management




Responsibilities for recordkeeping

The Monash University Recordkeeping Policy states the following:

'As the "officer in charge of a public office," the Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the university having a records management program and keeping full and accurate records of its activities, in accordance with the Victorian Public Records Act 1973.'

Others with recordkeeping responsibilities include

  • Heads of cost centres
    Need to understand what records originate in their area and who is responsible for ensuring that they are being properly captured and maintained. Will need to be aware of key recordkeeping functions like disposal, as they may be required to sign off when records from their area are due for destruction. May be held to account if there is a Freedom of Information enquiry related to their area.

  • Records and Archives Services
    Is responsible for creating recordkeeping policy and procedures for the whole university. Provides a small registry function to support key central administration areas including Research and University Solicitor's Office. Provides advice on what records to create, capture and maintain. Advises the university on correct records storage, records disposal and preservation practices. Manages the HP RM/TRIM recordkeeping system and provides training in HP RM/TRIM. Provides a reference service through the University Archives, who also provides access to online resources, including MONPIX.

  • All staff
    All staff are public officers and consequently may be responsible for any number of recordkeeping activities including: creating, capturing, maintaining, storing, disposing, archiving and providing access to university records. The type of records that different areas of the university are responsible for, differs, depending on the function. So staff involved in student administration may have far more involvement in the management of student records, than staff who work in Facilities and Services. All staff need to be aware that they have recordkeeping responsibilities and if they are unsure as to what these might involve they should contact Records and Archives Services for advice.