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Student files

Student files are managed centrally in HP RM/TRIM. Records and Archives Services (RAS) provides a range of support services for staff managing student files.

Student files enquiries

Log enquiries via Service Desk Online
When logging a request, include 'HP RM/TRIM' in the request summary (title).

Training and reference guides

For information about HP RM/TRIM Training and HP RM/TRIM Access, go to HP RM/TRIM Training. (Monash only)
For training guides and webinars, go to Training Resources.

Naming conventions

Scanning student documents

Scanned documents must be high quality as the hard copy will be destroyed. Therefore, documents must be scanned in accordance with the specifications in the Student Files Digitisation Program.

Documents must be scanned and registered by faculties and business units. RAS cannot do this on your behalf. Poorly scanned documents will be returned to be re-scanned.

Boxes of scanned student documents

As of 1 March 2016, Records Management no longer accepts transfers of scanned student documents.

  • Areas involved in student file digitising activities will retain the hard copy scans in their local areas for a minimum of 6 months. This is a recommended minimum based on a risk assessment to ensure that areas have a chance to rescan if they pick up a significant error during the first six months after the record has been digitised.
  • Records Management staff will visit onsite at least once a year to an area within each Faculty (including areas outside of Faculties, such as MIGR) and do a sample check of 5% of digitised records on site in order to meet Public Record Office Victoria requirements. If your area does not have boxes ready to check when Records Management makes contact, a new time will be scheduled when the area has accumulated some hardcopy records ready to be checked/sampled.
  • Areas will not need to undertake any other checking/sampling of the boxes (unless they wish to do more themselves).
  • Areas will need to arrange their own destruction of the digitised hard copy records, 6 months after they have been digitised. Confidential waste bins can hold approximately 8-10 boxes worth of digitised records (based on the assumption that records are stored in A1 boxes - although areas can now store records going forward in whatever type of box they prefer).

Bulk mail uploads

RAS will process bulk mail uploads that are greater than 20 records. Uploads of less than 20 records need to be processed by clients individually.


Bulk upload templates need to include the email template, the date it was sent and who sent it.
Mail merge bulk uploads need to include the MS Word template and data source (normally .xls or .csv).

RAS can only accommodate one (1) request per service request. Do not send multiple templates or data sources in the same job.
The words 'HP RM/TRIM' needs to be in the summary (title) of the service request.

Student document errors

Student documents incorrectly uploaded can be moved onto central file CF16/5. This allows the correct document to be placed on the student file.

Incorrect student file allocation

Documents correctly registered but on the wrong student file can be changed using the Properties section in HP RM/TRIM.