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What are vital records?

Vital records are needed to:

  • establish and protect the rights and interest of the organisation and its employees, customers and stakeholders
  • re-establsh the organisation's functions after a disaster
  • operate the organisation during a disaster. [1]

It is up to individual business units to identify their vital records. However, within the University context, vital records may include, but are not limited to;

  • student records held in enterprise information systems
  • master building plans
  • significant faculty committee papers reflecting decision making around courses
  • payroll records held in enterprise information systems
  • significant financial records held in enterprise information systems
  • contracts and agreements

It is not unusual for business units to consider that all of their records are vital. However, vital records are a distinct set of records and as noted above, provide a specific function within the University. The purpose of identifying these records is to prioritise them in terms of resourcing, storage and security. Hardcopy vital records should be prioritised when making a digitisation plan, as a form of back up in terms of disaster planning.

[1] See Manage Your Vital Records - NSW State Records