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What is a University record?

During the course of your time at Monash University, you will find that you manage a range of different types of documents. For example, some of these documents may take the form of research data or they may be related to teaching. Other documents might be related to administrative functions. You may create and receive a lot of 'work group' documents (e.g. drafts, working papers, copies of things, etc), which are less likely to be classified as records. You may also create and receive more formal documents that form part of the university's official corporate memory (e.g. final reports, committee papers, policy documents, records of financial transactions, student documents, human resources documents, official correspondence, legal documents, etc.). These types of documents are more likely to be classified as corporate records. Records and Archives Services provides advice and guidelines on how to look after corporate records.

A corporate record therefore comprises recorded information in any form (regardless of format), created or received and maintained by the university in the transaction of business activities, or the conduct of affairs, and retained as evidence of such activity. Corporate records need to be managed in University recordkeeping systems.

Monash University has a legal obligation to create and manage records which support the university's operational and administrative responsibilities and enable compliance with external demands such as audits and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.